Bay Area Signs | What is the process for Channel Letters?

Bay Area Signs | What is the process for Channel Letters?

One of our specialties at San Jose Signs are lighted signs (illuminated channel letters). There are many elements that go into developing a sign package for our clients that are interested in Channel Letter signs.

Project managing a channel letter job can be very time consuming, but we handle every phase of the project for our clients:

  1. Obtain sign criteria from landlord (if applicable)
  2. Survey site (measurements and photographs)
  3. Collect information and files from client (logo, ideas, etc.)
  4. Design a concept package (email client design concepts)
  5. Create sign permit drawing package
  6. Visit city planning department/building department for Permits
  7. Once we have permits in-hand, we begin ordering materials
  8. Fabrication begins following receipt of materials
  9. Installation
  10. Inspection by city inspector

As you can see, managing a channel letter project can be extensive, especially if there are multiple signs for a property.

Some properties fall into zoning areas that restrict the size and types of signs you can have on your building, so if there is no landlord sign criteria, we always call the city to determine the best course of action for our clients.

If you have a channel letter sign project, call us today!

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