Brushed Metal Lobby Signs With Logo | South Bay Area

Brushed Metal Lobby Signs With Logo | South Bay Area

Have you ever wished that if you could get a brushed metal sign for your business similar to the one you saw in your dentist’s waiting lobby or an office? If yes, there is some good news for you. All metal signs are not made from real metal. We can use a thin metal laminate on PVC, acrylic or foam for a metal finish.

PVC, Foam or Acrylic?

In my opinion, metal laminate on PVC looks closest to a metal sign. We apply the laminate on top and paint the edges with a metallic paint. If the laminate is mounted on foam, then the pores on the foam are visible on the sides even after paint, and it does not mimic a metal sign. Metal laminate on acrylic looks good, but acrylic is only visible on the sides and after being painted, you cannot tell the difference between PVC and acrylic. So why spend the extra money on acrylic.

Letters with laminate are also easier to install. They are lightweight and can be installed with double sided mounting tape. But actual metal letters are heavy and should be stud mounted.

Metal finish 

There are a lot of metal finishes available – polished silver, brushed silver, polished gold, brushed gold, polished brass, brushed brass, brushed copper, polished copper.

Metal signs look best on bright colored walls. Here are some pictures for lobby signs with metal laminates on different color walls.

As you can see in the above pictures, the lobby logo signs can be installed flush mounted or with stand-offs for a 3d effect (Pannu Dental Group). If you are not sure what will look best, let the experts at San Jose Signs help you. Just send us the logo and the approximate dimensions for the 3d signs and we will provide you an estimate. You can also include a picture of your lobby wall.