Channel Letters And Metal Lobby Signs For Iron Systems In Fremont

Channel Letters And Metal Lobby Signs For Iron Systems In Fremont

San Jose Signs has worked on different projects for Iron Systems. When Iron Systems recently moved to their new facility in Fremont, they contacted us for their exterior building signs and interior lobby signsIron Systems specializes in Turnkey Design, Global Integration, Supply Chain & Deployment Services.

Custom Interior Lobby Sign

We worked with their interior designer Payal Shah of Ambiance Design and Staging for the sign concepts. After discussing a few options for the interior sign, she decided to go for a metal finish lobby sign. We used 1/2″ thick PVc with brushed aluminum laminate and painted the edges metallic silver. The letters were installed with studs and raised off the wall for a 3 d look.

Here are some pictures for the lobby sign:


Exterior Channel letters 

The exterior sign for Iron Systems was a little tricky. The client was interested in a lit sign and there was no access to the electrical at the sign area. To overcome this, we decided to create an aluminum panel behind the sign and paint it the same color as the building. The panel was used to house all the electrical components of the sign. As you can see in the picture below, the panel behind the sign is not visible.

San Jose Signs can provide both exterior and interior signs for your business – channel letters, custom lobby signs, metal lobby signs, lit signs and non-lit signs.