Channel Letters For Beauty Salon In San Ramon

Channel Letters For Beauty Salon In San Ramon

We recently finished the project for Threading Plus in San Ramon, Ca. It was a standard channel letter project. The customer had an interior designer working on the interior layout and colors for the store. So we co-ordinated the colors and the fonts with the interior space.

As the first step, we created a rendering for the sign based on the signage criteria from the landlord. The drawings did have to go through some changes according to the landlord. Once the final proof was approved by the landlord, the next step was to obtain the permits from the city of San Ramon.

Luckily, there were no changes from the city and the sign was fabricated and installed as per the drawings and proof.

Fabrication for any channel letters starts only after the city permits. Even if the landlord approves the drawings, sometimes the city can request changes to the sign. To avoid ending up with a sign not confirming to the city standards, we always build the sign after the city approves.