Channel Letters On Backer Panel | San Jose

Channel Letters On Backer Panel | San Jose

San Jose Signs will sometimes come across a situation where our clients are requesting channel letters for their exterior building signs, but due to a mutltitude of reasons, many channel letter signs cannot be mounted directly to the wall.

The different between a “raceway” (a bar across the back of the letters) vs. a Pan-Face, is asthetics. A pan-face is far more attractive, and gives the sign a much more finished “framed” appearance. Channel lettersare sometimes not allowed in some strip malls or shopping centers without a “raceway” behind the letters, but addressing this issue using a custom pan-face can provide a customer with a much more formal and finished looking project.

Pan face backer panels add character, but they also allow you to add your branding color that would not ordinarily be present in a channel letter sign. Also, a pan face will make the installation a little simpler, and depending on the size, could be a significant cost savings on the installation pricing.

The better the look, the more looks you get! Ask about a panface behind your channel letter order, and we’ll see if it’s a possible addition to your sign! (Landlord and city approval is required)

To see how your new lit sign will appear with a gorgeous new pan-face backer panel, contact us today!