Channel Letters & Window Signage For JEI Santa Clara

Channel Letters & Window Signage For JEI Santa Clara

Learning centers for kids are becoming more and more popular in the bay area. These centers provide tutoring in math and reading and also help high schoolers prepare for SAT and ACT. JEI is one of such learning centers.

One of our customers(we installed the channel letters for his JEI learning center in Livermore), contacted us when he was opening another branch in the heart of Santa Clara. He was looking for Channel letters and window graphics.

Channel letters

Channel letters for this location was very straight forward. The landlord had a master sign program listed with the city. We just followed the sign criteria provided by the landlord, keeping in the mind the guidelines for JEI corporate. And it was easy to get the signs approved by the landlord and the City of Santa Clara.

Here is a photo of the installed sign:

Channel letters JEI.jpg

Window signage

The artwork for the vinyl window signs was provided by the corporate, as they try to keep the branding consistent through all locations. Perforated window vinyl was selected for the window graphics, because we wanted the kids to be able to see outside and not feel confined inside.

Window graphics for Mathnasium

So if you are opening a learning or tutoring center in the Bay Area, order your signs today. Do not wait till it gets very close to your grand opening.