Corporate Branding with Interior Signage

Corporate Branding with Interior Signage

When working on the interiors of the office, the lobby sign is as important as the decor. It should be an integral part of your design and should not look like an after thought. The lobby sign reflects the image of your company and should be given as much attention and detail as the set up of the reception area.

I recently visited a company in San Jose, with global offices. I was amazed to see their lobby sign. The sign was installed very high and close to the ceiling, the letters were all crooked and colors and fonts were off from their branding. It felt, it was there just for the sake of having a lobby sign. The sign was not centered on the wall  and was very small compared to the size of the wall. One could easily say that no one paid any attention when the sign was ordered.

But on the other hand, the sign was right at the entrance and anybody walking in would see the sign. I was wondering what kind of impression a sign like that would make. Clearly, that reflects the company is not very organized and does not care much about its image and branding. Then, how would the company treat its customers? Would they look into the details for them or care about the image of the customers. Maybe yes or maybe not. But we should remember that the first impression is very important.

So treat your interior signage as a reflection or image of your company. It reflects how the people work or how organized they are. So next time you are ordering your office lobby signs, make sure it goes with your company branding. The material and location of the interior office sign should be well chosen and should look professional, not an after thought.

Any sign can be done in lots of different ways and with different materials. At San Jose Signs we can help you select the best option based on your sign and budget. It is helpful to know the budget beforehand, so we can pick the appropriate materials.

Here are some sample photos of different kinds of lobby signs by San Jose Signs