Corporate Lobby Signs – Soundhound Santa Clara

Corporate Lobby Signs – Soundhound Santa Clara

San Jose Signs manufactures and installs custom lobby signs. A recent project was for an app company called Soundhound with their headquarters in Santa Clara, Ca..

Soundhound has three logos, one for each of their apps. They wanted to get office lobby signs for each of their apps. We had provided the option to make each logo part as a solid piece, then using die-cut vinyl, apply the colors over a solid part. They requested a multi-dimensional logo for each one, meaning each part of each logo is a separate puzzle part, which made the logistics for the project a little more difficult and time consuming.

It was a little tricky to make sure all the pieces are at the same level, as the PVC sheets can vary in thickness. And even little difference in thickness would be visible when the logo pieces are put together. The company liked the concept and decided to order 1 set for their San Francisco office too.

The material used is 1″ thick PVC, which provides a nice dimensional appearance. Due to the multi-part (puzzle) style logos, we decided to flush mount them to the wall instead of using spacers, to prevent multiple angles for each segment. The result is impressive.