Custom Lobby Signs | Bay Area

Custom Lobby Signs | Bay Area

San Jose Signs manufactures custom dimensional lobby signs, using premium and economical materials and products. Our lobby signs are CNC precision cut and fabricated in house by our very experienced team.

We use many different types materials to give your custom lobby sign a dynamic appearance. Lightweight foams, dense PVC, acrylics and metals, no matter which material you choose, we will fabricate a lobby sign for you that is profession and shows your business personality. Whether your business is a medical, financial, educational, retail or manufacturing, we can provide you with a sign that is both practical and stunning.

Our design and fabrication team have many years of experience, so your new lobby sign will have the attention it deserves, down to the smallest details. Painted, laminated or raw metal, San Jose Signs can handle the most critical and challenging dimensional signs with expert craftsmanship.

The best way to begin your lobby sign project is to provide (3) items by email, your logo in vector format, the height and width of the wall and finally a straight photo of the wall where you want it installed. We will scale your logo to whatever size feels comfortable on your lobby wall.

Based on that information, we can provide an estimate for the sign, typically in 1-2 business days. When the pricing is approved, we can proceed with the design, which will include all details. Following approval of the design we send the job into fabrication, that’s where the magic happens! We require (depending on the complexity of the sign) at least 2 weeks for production time. Our quality assurance tech will look over the sign very carefully and release it for installation. We will do our very best to make sure your sign is as perfect as possible!

To being your custom lobby sign project, call us or send us an email through our website. We will be happy to assist you with making your ideas a reality!