Custom Neon Signs for Exterior building Signs | Ordering your new sign

Custom Neon Signs for Exterior building Signs | Ordering your new sign


At San Jose Signs, we manufacture and install exterior building signs. Exterior signs are very important for business, as the saying goes, ‘a sign of no business is a business with no sign’.

Exterior custom neon letters and logos are the best way to get noticed, especially for retail stores and businesses that have their store fronts facing busy streets and intersections. Our exterior signs are made from the best materials, and we only use GE LED’s for our illuminated letters. There are several steps to ordering your custom lit letters.

We survey the location, inspect the wall and behind the wall to determine if there is electrical within six feet of the sign location. We also measure the front facia and the store frontage to be sure our drawings scale correctly. Also important to note is that must receive any landlord sign criteria before beginning the bid process, as city planning departments want to know if our sign is within the landlords set plan for the space. Once we have that information, we prepare the concept drawing, and send a secured version to the client for approval, and to proceed to the next step, the estimate.

Once we receive approval of the concept and the price, we begin the drawings for permits. Typically a multipage drawing package containing an elevation drawing, section and/or plan views, detailed drawing of the sign including all measurements, a site plan and a site map. Then the package is submitted to the city planning department for approval.

After we have approval from the city’s planning department and we have the permit for the sign, we begin ordering materials and supplies from our vendors if needed. The fabrication process can take between 1-2 weeks, however the fabrication time does depend on the complexity of the project. Once the sign is ready for installation, we schedule the install and your new sign is installed.

Custom exterior lit letters and logos can take between 2-3 weeks, depending on the circumstances surrounding the project. Planning departments can slow the process, but most are completed in one month or less. We also offer halo lit channel letters.

If you have a project to discuss or would like to ask us any questions regarding custom exterior signs, please contact us today!