Custom Neon Signs for the Bay Area

Custom Neon Signs for the Bay Area

Neon signs can be many types of illuminated signs. Channel letters are now generally all manufactured using L.E.D. lights, but neon is still a viable solution for signs. Custom neon signs are great for interior hanging signs, interior lobby decor and exterior letters.

Channel letter signs are very popular, and neon can still be used as the lighting source. Open face channel letters look amazing with colored neon tubing. Illumination on a reverse channel letter (commonly referred to as Halo Lit Letters) are a modern and exciting look, with the lighting on the back of the letter, creating a ‘halo’ of light on the wall.

Some neon signs and channel letters are mounted to ‘raceways’, which are used for mounting letters to a wall without drilling too many holes in the facia of a building. The letters are mounted to the raceway and the wiring is hidden inside the raceway. Raceways are typically painted to match the building color so they are not too visible.

Most neon channel letter signs are attached directly to the facia of the building, and the wiring is pushed through the wall, along with the power supplies and transformers. LED illuminated channel letters use smaller holes and require less power. Neon illuminated signs require larger holes and require additional hardware.

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Channel letter sign installed directly on the wall

Channel letters installed on a raceway. Raceway painted to match the wall color.