Custom Wall Signs For Crawford Group | San Jose

Custom Wall Signs For Crawford Group | San Jose

We recently finished custom wall signs for Crawford Group in San Jose. We have done lobby sign for their office in Cupertino. This is for their new location. There were 2 signs – raised letters on the wall and plexiglass panel.

Here are some photos from the recent project

Custom painted PVC letters– 1/2 ” thick PVC custom cut for letters and logo and painted Pantone colors provided by customer.


Plexiglass signs: The wall sign for Cupertino office was also fabricated from PVC. But when the customer moved to their new location in San Jose, the sign was too small for the reception wall. So they ordered a new set of office wall signs. And the letters from Cupertino office were applied to a frosted acrylic and another acrylic panel with brushed aluminum laminate. This increased the size of the sign and worked perfect for the new office. Here is a photo of the sign.

So you can see that same logo was done in 2 different ways.

There are different materials and style options available for custom office signs. If you are not sure, which works better for your sign, we can help you! Just send us the following information and we can work on the estimate for you:

  • logo in .ai or .eps
  • photo of the lobby wall
  • dimensions of the wall or the approximate size of the sign.