Custom Wall Signs For Dental Office | Bay Area

Custom Wall Signs For Dental Office | Bay Area

The lobby of your office is one area where you can create a large impact. Your wall sign announces to the people who see it everything they need to know about you, your service and your professionalism. It can put people at ease or make them eager.

There is a lot of power in signage, that’s why you need to choose your custom wall sign carefully.

Types of Custom Wall Signs

With the sheer amount of options available for your medical office signs, it’s important that you take your time to figure out what you want.

It’s easy to grab onto the first thing that looks appealing. But you should study some of the available alternatives first. Depending on your budget and your taste, you may find something more suitable.

Painted PVC Office Signs

These types of signs are probably the most prevalent. They are typically more inexpensive than other types of signage, but that doesn’t mean they lack quality. You can have them made-to-order with your custom logo and colors.

The reason why PVC signs tend cost less is because the PVC is easy to cut and easy to paint. Since you can use colors, you can get playful with your design, which can help a lot depending on your traditional clientele.

Aluminum Metal Finish Office Signs

Aluminum adds that welcoming shine to a sign. You can use individual letters or a whole logo made of aluminum. You can also still use PVC, but with aluminum laminate on top of the design.

In either case, the metallic sheen will add a level of business professionalism to your sign. Lighting can also bring an aluminum metal finish to life with elegant shadows and reflections.

Gold Finish Office Signs

Much like aluminum metal but with a focus on gold, bronze, copper letters and logos. You can use solid brass, or have cut PVC with a gold finish on it.

A gold finish gives your office lobby sign a lot of professional gravity. Much like a business card, the gold coloring will stand out like a stamp. People who see it will know that you are a professional business with all that entails.

Note that both aluminum and gold finishes can come in a variety of colors. Each can use a variety of oxidizing, staining, or anodizing techniques to achieve unique looks.

Plexiglass Signs

Letters and logos made from acrylic (Plexiglas, Lucite, etc.) are some of the most versatile. Acrylic signs can conform to virtually any design and any colors.

You can also use metal laminate to give your sign the metallic look. You can also use acrylic to give your sign a glassier look. In addition, you can backlight them.

It is possible to combine sign techniques to come up with something novel. However, with so many choices available with each individual type of sign, you likely will not have to do anything like that.

Going Beyond the Lobby

While these custom wall signs can grace your lobby, you can also use them in other places inside and outside of your business as well. Your office and its surroundings are an extension of your service.

Your clients should be at ease from the moment they see your establishment. Signs go a long way towards helping with this, but they are a part of your overall efforts. Your sign says who you are and what you are about. Use it to your advantage.


If you’re just not sure where to start, you should speak to a professional signage company about the many options available to you for your custom wall signs.