Custom Wall Signs With Acrylic | Bay Area

Custom Wall Signs With Acrylic | Bay Area

The lobby set up can make a big impact on your customer when they walk in. Lobby sign is a big part of that lasting impression. I am in the sign business, and visit lot of customers. When I walk in, the layout of the lobby tells me how seriously the customers take their branding.

The acrylic signs for office don’t have to be expensive to create an impression. They should be professionally done and go with the branding of the company. One very popular style for lobby signs is acrylic panel with stand offs. This can be done in a lot of different ways and is one of the cost effective solutions for an office wall sign.

Here are some of the options:

Vinyl graphics on Acrylic with stand offs -This is the most cost effective option. We can make signs with custom logos and colors. The acrylic panel size is determined based on the scale of the logo and the available wall space. You have the option of clear, frosted or color acrylic. Color acrylic is available only in 3/16″ thickness. But clear, black and white acrylic are available in 1/2″ thickness too.

 Full color vinyl graphics on white acrylic Brushed aluminum vinyl graphics on frosted acrylic

Dimensional or 3D logo on acrylic with stand offs – This costs more than the vinyl graphics because dimensional letters are applied to the acrylic. If you have the budget, this is a better option than vinyl graphics. It has a lot more impact than the vinyl graphics. We can still do custom logos and colors. Sometimes we have to do a combination of raised letters and vinyl based on the logo. The dimensional letters can be PVC or acrylic.

As you can see, all of the above signs look great. The advantage of going for acrylic panels over mounting the letters directly to the wall, is the flexibility to easily move your sign. If you are leasing the space for a short term, then acrylic panel signs are great. Depending upon the size of the sign, we may add 4 or 6 stand offs.

Acrylic is not the only material for lobby sign displays. We have done some signs with PVC backer panels  as well. Those look great, but they are much heavier than acrylic so we have to limit the overall size of the signs. Here are some pictures of lobby signs on materials other than acrylic.

If you are looking for a custom wall sign with acrylic and cannot decide what is the best option for it, give us a call – 408-294-7446. We will help you choose the best looking lobby sign.