Dental Office- Interior Office And Exterior Building Signs| Bay Area

Dental Office- Interior Office And Exterior Building Signs| Bay Area

Any medical office needs a wide variety of signs – Exterior Building signs and Interior office signs. In this blog, I will discuss the different kinds of dental office signs

Exterior building signs – If the dental office is a stand alone office, then the dentist can have either illuminated signs (Channel letters) or non-illuminated signs. They can also have their logo as part of their main sign. Channel letters do require a city permit. We can create the drawing package and get city permits. The size of the sign is determined based on the space available, the number of characters, and the linear frontage for your office. The cost is based on factors such as if it a lit or non lit, the size of the sign, the number of characters, complexity of the logo, and installation.


Cabinet/Can Signs :  Some properties do not allow individual letters for the exterior signs. They like to keep the look consistent, so all the tenats have similar looking cabinet signs. If you already have the cabinet, we can just replace the face. If there is no cabinet, we can install a new cabinet with you logo and name. Just the face change for the cabinet does not require city permits.We can print cabinet signs in full color.


Interior Office Signs – There are a wide variety of material options available for your lobby wall sign. The cost will depend on the size and the kind of material selected. We have seen for interior dental lobby signs, brushed aluminum finish is the most popular option.It works perfect if you have a bright colored wall. We can also do logos in the same finish. Some like a mix of colored logo and brushed aluminum letters. Here are some examples:



Monument Signs : Monument signs are the big freestanding signs close to the sidewalk. They sometimes have only a single company name or multiple tenants listed. Monument signs can be single sided, double sided, illuminated or non-illuminated. The cost depends of variety of factors – size, single sided/double sided, illumination, vinyl decals or dimensional letters on the sign. Monument signs also require city permit. A detailed drawing of the monument sign has to be submitted to the city. These signs can be fabricated from aluminum or HDU.


Window Graphics : How cool it would be to have your logo and name at the entrance door. We can do full color logos and text for the doors and windows. It works perfect for dentist office that have more than 1 dentist practicing at the same location. If your office is not open everyday, you can specify your business hours so patients are aware of the office hours.

These are the different kinds of medical office signs.. There are a wide variety of options available. Make sure you select the right kind of sign. Sometimes when ordering a sign, it might seem like a big expense, but you have to look at the ROI in the long run. The benefit of having a sign is spread over a long time.

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