Different kinds of acrylic letters for lobby signs | Bay Area

Different kinds of acrylic letters for lobby signs | Bay Area

Acrylic letters are more popularly known as plexiglass. They work great for indoor and outdoor signs. These letters can be done in custom PMS colors and we can also cut custom logos. Exterior letters are always painted on the face, because you cannot see the acrylic from that far. But you have the option of painting the acrylic letters for your lobby sign on the face or the back.

Front painted vs Back painted Acrylic Letters

We have seen customers have their own preferences when it comes to painted acrylic letters. Front painted plexiglass signs give a more matte finish. The plexiglass is painted on the front and sides. Once painted, it is hard is hard to differentiate the acrylic letters from PVC letters. That’s why sometimes it defeats the purpose of going with acrylic. We can also paint acrylic with semi-gloss finish upon request.

Back painted acrylic letters as the name suggests are clear acrylic letters painted on the back side. The colors are still very vibrant. But this gives a more glossy finish to the letters and you can see the acrylic from the sides. Sometimes we used back painted acrylic on top of other materials like gatorfoam, PVC.

Here are some pictures of acrylic signs with painted on the face or the back.

Back painted acrylic mounted on 1″ thick gatorfoam painted custom PMS colors

Acrylic painted on the front with custom colors

Back painted acrylic letters


If you are looking for a custom painted acrylic sign for your lobby wall, call San Jose Signs today for an estimate.