Exterior Building Signs – Channel letters or Acrylic letters?

Exterior Building Signs – Channel letters or Acrylic letters?

Building signs fall under 2 major categories – lit (illuminated) or non-lit (Non-illuminated). Both have their pros and cons and sometimes the business does not have a choice, since the landlord may require certain kind of letters.

Lit letters aka Channel letters –  Majority of businesses in retail locations go for channel letters to attract more customers. Because of illumination, these signs are visibile during the day and night. If the landlord has a signage criteria, they will lay down the requirements for the size, colors and logo restrictions. If there is no signage criteria available, then you can go for the signs based on the other signs done in your area. Nowadays all channel letters are fabricated with led’s to improve efficiency and increase the life of the sign. It is the customer’s responsibility to provide electrical to the sign location. Sign companies are not authorized to perform and electrical work. Channel letters also require permits from the city.

Channel letters with LED illumination

Channel letters with custom shape cabinet

Non-lit letters or Sign letters -Most customers located in industrial , light industrical, R&D locaitons go for 3d letters without lights. These business are typically not open late and do not expect much walk in traffic. There are a wide variety of materials available for exterior dimensional letters, but the 2 most popular ones are acrylic/ plexiglass or painted aluminum. Both these materials are durable and cost effecient for exterior signs. We can also do custom logo in either of these materials.

Here are some pictures of non-lit building signs

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