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Exterior Building Signs | San Jose Ca

Exterior building signs are the face of your company or business. Building signs can be either wall mounted or projecting (also known as blade signs). Building signs be non-illuminated (3 dimensional letters) or illuminated (neon signs).

In this post, we will discuss the non-illuminated building signs.

These signs can be fabricated from aluminum, painted pvc or exterior quality gatorfoam. The thickness also varies by material. The size is determined based on the signage crieteria by the landlord or the city. We can also do custom logos with your company name. Even logos with gradients can be done. With a wide variey of digital media available, vibrant and full color logos can be fabricated for exterior building signs. The durability and the cost of the signs varies by the material selected. We offer Gemini metal letters which come with a lifetime warranty. There are various metallic finish options avialable, in addition to painted letters.

See some samples and photos of building signs