Floor Decals – Get Noticed!

Floor Decals – Get Noticed!

At San Jose Signs, we are a leading manufacturer in Floor Decals! Floor graphics are a fantastic way to have your customers see your product or promotion! Full color and die-cut, we use special materials that allow your floor decal to stick to the floor, but also be easily removed without leaving nasty adhesive residue on the floor.

Printed on a special matte vinyl and laminated with a gritty durable matte clear film, our floor decals can last as long as you need them! Large quantities or small quantities, our floor graphics are the perfect addition to your marketing program and branding.

There are also special vinyl films that we can use that adhere to carpet as well. Our floor stickers are great for:

  • Malls
  • Retail outlets
  • Store entrances
  • Grocery store isle
  • Office lobby
  • Trade shows

Trade shows are also a great place for floor graphics! Arrows or foot prints that lead to your booth or display will help attact potential clients.

Regardless of the application, floor graphics give you the edge you need in a competitive market. Call us today to discuss your floor graphic project and to get a free estimate. Your success is a call away!