Interior Acrylic Signs | San Jose Bay Area

Interior Acrylic Signs | San Jose Bay Area

Acrylic signs for office are the most popular option, when it comes to lobby signs. There are lots of different ways plexiglass can be used for your sign. The final decision depends on your budget and how you envision your sign.

Acrylic Letters

Acrylic letters can be either made from colored acrylic or custom painted based on the your logo colors. Although, most people assume that lobby signs are made from acrylic, it is not true. Painted PVC is also a very popular cost effective option for your lobby sign. But if you like the glossy look for your sign, then acrylic is the way to go. To maintain the glossy sheen on the sign and give it more depth, clear acrylic is back painted.

Here are some photos of acrylic signs

Acrylic Signs

Another popular option is your sign on acrylic panel. This can be done in 2 ways- raised letters on acrylic panel or vinyl decals on acrylic panel. Then you have the option of clear, frosted or colored acrylic panel for your sign. Some signs are a combination of acrylic panel, digitally printed graphics and raised 3d letters.

Here are some photos of wall signs on acrylic panels

3 d letters on frosted acrylic

3d letters on clear acrylic. Logo graphics printed mirror reversed and applied on the back of clear acrylic. Letters applied on the front

3d letters on black acrylic

3 d letters on white acrylic

Graphics printed mirror reverse on clear vinyl and applied on clear acrylic

Vinyl graphics on clear acrylic

So you can see there are multiple ways plexiglass signs can be done. It all depends on your budget and what style you prefer. Sometimes the decision is made based on what style will work with the logo.