Interior Office Signs for Crawford Group in Campbell

Interior Office Signs for Crawford Group in Campbell

At San Jose Signs, we manufacture and install many different types of interior office signs. Creative new products and manufacturaing methods are now available which can help make your office signs look amazing.

Office signs consist of the following sign types:

  • Room ID Signs
  • Wayfinding/Directional Signs
  • Directories
  • Lobby Signs
  • Vinyl Graphics & Wall Murals
  • Projecting signs
  • Warning Signs
  • ADA Signs with Braille

In this blog, I am going to dicuss the custom wall signs we did for Crawford Group in Campbell, Ca. We were contacted by Crawford Group when they had there office in Cupertino. They were looking for a sign company to update their interior office sign, window graphics and lettering for their existing monument sign. Crawford Group knew they were not going to stay in that location for too long as their lease was coming up. So they wanted to do a lobby sign which would be “portable”, something they can take with them to their new location. So we proposed dimensional letters on an acrylic panel and mounting it with brushed stand offs. The sign would not look as a  temporary sign and it would be easy for them to remove the panel and move it to a new location. They would not have to worry about removing individual letters from the wall. The window graphics and the monument sign lettering were full color vinyl graphics with their logo. Here is a picture of the old sign and the new sign we did for their Cupertino location.

Old Sign  

New Sign

And then the day came when they moved their office to Campbell. They were very happy with our work at their Cupertino location, so they contacted us again for their lobby sign for the new location.

Since they already had a sign on a panel, they wanted to something different to put behind the reception desk. They were going to use the sign  we did for the Cupertino location in a conference room and wanted something new for the Campbell location. The wall was painted a soothing green with one of their brand colors. So the decision was made to go for painted PVC letters mounted flush to the wall. The previous sign had to be done very small due to the limited  space available at the old location. And here they had a 9′ wide wall, so we could go for a good size logo. Here are some of the pictures for lobby signage at the Campbell location.

If you looking for a sign for your office wall, contact San Jose Signs. We can help you pick the right sign for your office.