Interior Office Signs For Delphix In Bay Area

Interior Office Signs For Delphix In Bay Area

Delphix is a CA based software company based on Menlo Park. They develop software for simplifying the building, testing, and upgrading of applications built on relational databases. Recently there were remodeling their office by adding more room for addtional task force and company expansion. Delphix contacted San Jose Signs for their office sign in their remodeled wing.

There are 2 popular material options for interior office signs – painted acrylic or painted pvc. Painted acrylic letters have to be drilled onto the wall, based on weight and height. But pvc is lighter and can be installed with double sided tape. It is hard to tell the difference between pvc and acrylic, once they are painted. So Delphix decided to go with painted pvc letter as they wanted to avoid drilling holes on a newly remodeled wall.

Delphix was very happy with our product. They contacted us for their lobby sign for thier San Francisco office as well.

Here are picturs of lobby signs for Delphix.