Lobby Signs With Metal And Acrylic | Bay Area

Lobby Signs With Metal And Acrylic | Bay Area

One of the popular styles of lobby signs is on an acrylic panel. The acrylic signs can be done with vinyl graphics or dimensional letters. But the panel doesn’t have to be in acrylic only, you also have the option for panels with metal finish. Depending upon the logo colors, the metal background adds more refined finish to the sign compared to the acrylic panel.

Acrylic panel only or Acrylic and metal panel?

Some like to go for both the acrylic and metal panels for their office lobby signs. If you have a large area for the sign, dual panels are a great option. Here are some signs with metal and acrylic letters.

 Crawford Group– 3 d letters and logo on clear acrylic and acrylic mounted on brushed aluminum panel
Encore Solar – Acrylic letters mounted on brushed aluminum panel. And panel installed with aluminum stand offs.
Arrcus: Custom acrylic letters on brushed aluminum panel.
Iron and L& T Infotech – Acrylic letters mounted directly on brushed aluminum panel