Lobby Wall Sign For Sify Technologies In Santa Clara

Lobby Wall Sign For Sify Technologies In Santa Clara

Sify Technologies was setting up their US office in Santa Clara near the Santa Clara Convention. And they ordered their interior office sign, while they were still setting up the office for the staff to move in. This gave us enough time for production and the sign was ready in time for their opening day. Their logo is a beautiful green. As per Sify website:

Our colors are a reflection of our outlook and the nature of our business: a fresh, vibrant and eco-friendly green that signals a new, paper-free world, counterpoised by a business-like, dependable grey.

In graphic terms, the dot over the ‘i’ in our name has moved forward.

It stands for our promise to keep our customers and stake holders ahead. It’s what we believe technology should do for everyone. As you would have seen, the sign off is our promise to our customers and stake holders, ‘Keeping you ahead’. Our focus on technology, innovation and new services are all aimed at doing just that, keeping our customers ahead by giving them a competitive edge using our services.

The customer selected 1″ thick PVC letters painted in their Pantone color. It was a large sign compared to most lobby signs. So the letters had to be stud mounted to the wall.

We did come across some hurdles for their wall sign.Initally the wall where the sign was going to be installed was painted green. And of course green letters could not be installed on a green wall. So the installation had to be rescheduled till the wall was painted a different color.

And finally when the letters were being installed, the installer came across a curve in the wall. And it was a challenge to install the letters flush to the wall. Luckily, the letters were being stud mounted and the letters were held in it’s place by the studs.

Here are some pictures for Sify wall sign: