Marketing Effectively with Sidewalk Signs

Marketing Effectively with Sidewalk Signs

A sign can be created in a lot of different ways.Lot of times this is based on the budget, size, looks,materials used etc. But more than the materials and the size, what is more important is that the message is displayed effectively.

This implies on Sidewalk Signs as well. The  a-frames, as they are popularly known, are used to attract customers that are  walking by the location or driving by. Lot of times businesses are hidden in the back and it is hard for customers to find the location.

The message on the Sidewalk Signs should be loud and clear. Specially when it is targeting driving by customers.It should be designed keeping in mind, that people will be driving by at a speed. If the sign does not attract attention, your marketing efforts will go waste. And the business owner would think that the sign was a waste of money. But on the other hand if the message is displayed effectively, the ROI on a simple sidewalk sign can be rewarding.

Here are 2 pictures of a sidewalk sign for the same business and almost the same message. I will let you decide which one will be more effective in marketing.

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