Metal sign letters for law office of Lauren N. Peebles

Metal sign letters for law office of Lauren N. Peebles

We received a call from the law office of Lauren N. Peebles, who was moving into a new office space in Alameda. She was looking for a wall sign with metal letters. After discussing the pros and cons between aluminum letters and metal laminate letters, it was decided that metal laminate on PVC would work best for her lobby wall sign.


She sent us the logo and the wall dimensions. We came up with a size that would work best for her logo considering the size of the wall. Instead of painting the sides of the letters the standard metallic silver, we suggest painting it black to give it more dimension. Lauren was planning to paint the wall a soft green, so the combination of silver and black would look great against the green background.

Here are some pictures of metal sign letters:



The letters were installed with 1/2″ spacers of the wall, to create a dimensional look for the sign. If you are looking for office wall signs, contact San Jose Signs today. All we need is – your logo, photo of the wall and dimensions for the wall. We can determine the right materials and size for your  lobby signs based on the above details.