Metal Sign Letters For Reception Wall | Bay Area

Metal Sign Letters For Reception Wall | Bay Area

Metal sign letters for sign is a very popular option- both for interior and exterior signs. Most corporate companies prefer metal lobby signs for their reception or lobby wall sign. Metal letters are very versatile for signs because of the different finish options – flat cut metal, fabricated metal letters, polished or brushed metal letters, painted metal letters, cast metal letters. These are just some of the options.

Flat cut metal– can be either aluminum or stainless steel. These can be done in custom fonts and logos.

Cast metal letters– are available in certain fonts. Molds are used to fabricate these letters that’s why they can be customized with different fonts and logos.

Polished or brushed metal letters– aluminum, gold, copper, anodized are just some of  the finished available for metal letters.

Painted metal letters– If you are looking for your lobby sign in custom logo colors, then we can paint flat cut metal custom colors based on the Pantone colors provided.

Fabricated metal letters – work great for channel letters with or without lights.

Metal laminate on pvc, acrylic or foam- This is a very popular option for interior signs. It costs and weighs less than the metal letters and can be installed with double sided tape. Available finishes- brushed aluminum, polished aluminum, brushed gold, polished gold, copper.

Here are some photos for different kinds of metal letters:

Flat cut metal letters raised off the wall

Metal laminate on pvc with edges painted metallic silver