Monument Sign for Medical Office

Monument Sign for Medical Office

Monument signs are freestanding structures at the entrance for shopping malls, retail shopping centers, commercial centers, hospitals, HOA’s. They should be easily visible from street and driving traffic should be able to read the message/ text on the monument sign.

The outdoor monument signs are very durable if done right and can last upto 8-10 years. So it is a good investment to gain more visibility from the street. They can be single sided or double sided, illuminated or non -illuminated.

Vinyl graphics on the monument signage is the most economical option but even the high performance vinyl will peel and fade after exposure to sun and weather for years. And then people can barely read  the sign and it loses the purpose of having a monument sign.

San Jose Signs recently updated a similar sign for a medical center in Union City. The existing  sign was weathered, vinyl was peeling, curling and faded and the people could barely read the sign. The businesses could feel the effect as customers were getting lost and not many new customers were coming to the businesses.

Here are some picture for the old sign and the new sign:

Old SignNew Sign

As you can see the customer went for the exact same looking monument sign. But the updated sign and graphics make a huge difference in visibility. This is a double sided sign with vinyl graphics and non-illuminated. The sign was directly buried in the ground with posts, eliminating the need for a concrete base.

Anytime designing a monument sign with multiple tenants, it is important to keep in mind that names have to be changed often to accomodate businesses moving in and out. I nthis case, even though the monument sign is one piece, but the tenant names are individually applied. So when there is a new tenant or one moves out, the landlord has to replace only that part of the monument sign and not the complete graphics.

We have come across signs that were poorly designed, and a tenant name change requires re-printing the full graphics. So if you are in the process of getting a monument sign with multiple tenants, make sure the design incorporates easy change of graphics. Depending upon how the sign is fabricated, sometimes this feature cannot be added later on.

If you looking for some different kinds of monument signs, here are pictures of some of the monument signs we have fabricated and installed in the bay area.

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