Monument Sign Upgrade For Cupertino Inn

Monument Sign Upgrade For Cupertino Inn

If you have monument signage that is old and weathered, then it may not be working for you, to advertise your business and attract customers. We have come across some signs that were so worn out that the employees were not aware of the existence of that sign. If your employees, who are at your business everyday, do not register the sign, then how will your customers see the sign?

Depending upon the kind of monument sign, sometimes it can be upgraded to a new look. And in some cases it has to be replaced by a brand new sign. If the structure of the sign is all worn out and the vinyl has started peeling, then it isĀ time to completely replace the sign.

In this blog we share pictures for the monument sign we upgrade for Cupertino Inn in Cupertino. Cupertino Inn was doing a re-branding of their property and this included signage.

Here is a picture of their old sign:

The sign was installed about a decade ago. Over time the roads were widened and the sidewalk was pushed back. As you can see the sign is encroaching the sidewalk. This sign is internally lit, but is hidden behind the landscaping. With the sidewalk pushed back, there was no room to install a brand new sign, unless we went smaller in size. So we left the footing of the sign as is and upgraded the cabinet part, keeping in mind their new branding.


Don’t wait anymore!!! Update your exterior monument signs. Outdoor monument signs attract customers and advertise your business.