Monument Signs for your business | San Jose Ca

Monument Signs for your business | San Jose Ca

Monument signs are permanent signs that provide visibility to a business. Also known as stone signs, they may or may not be built from stone. Lot of times the monument signs have a faux stone or stucco finish. These signs are typically used to list the tenanats in a shopping plaza or just list 1 business.

Monument signs can be –

-Single sided or Double sided

-Lit or non-lit

-Single or multiple panel

-Vinyl decals  or dimensional lettering

Monument signs are great for different industries


Retail shopping center



Monument signs require permits from the city and the size allowed is also determined by the city.

When shopping for a monument sign, it is good to have a budget to start with. This will help the sign company determine as to what option will work best for you. Of course, an illumimated sign will cost more than the one that does not light up. If you are tight on budget, may be you can go for vinyl graphics instead of dimensional letters.

These signs are perfect choice for commercial plazas and buildings, church, hospitals, HOA’s. Check out our photos of monument signs