Monument Signs | The most visible sign!

Monument Signs | The most visible sign!

Drive along any road in a busy town, and the most visible of all signs are the monument signs in front of businesses. Without these important signs, you limit your visibility to potential clients and customers, especially if your building is not close to the road.

Monument signs can either be illuminated or non-illuminated. These signs are typically fabricated from aluminum and acrylics, however some are manufactured using wood or “high density uerathane foam”. The foam monuments are becoming more popular and are very light and easy to install. Some foam monuments can be hollowed out and have an illuminated cabinet installed to the interior section of the sign.

Architectural monument signs are the high-end of this sign type. These are eye-catching and memorable. Typically these are used in front of very high-end business developments, and not generally required for most applications.

When ordering a monument sign, you will need some information before proceeding. First, will your landlord or the city allow this type of sign, and also will you require illumination. Electrical must be within 6 feet of the desired location if the sign is to be illuminated.

Post and panel signs are also considered to be monument signs. These are very affordable and there are many pre-built solutions available. Extruded aluminum signs are very popular and provide our clients with much needed visual area at a very satisfying price. Extruded aluminum signs can last for many years.

There are many options available, so if you are interested in discussing your custom monument signs, please call us anytime.