Office Lobby Signs For HyperGrid In Mountain View

Office Lobby Signs For HyperGrid In Mountain View

When Gridstore acquired another company and changed their name  to HyperGrid, they contacted us to replace their office wall sign with the new company name. We had done the lobby sign for Gridstore, and they were happy with the materials and the sign. So they wanted to use the same materials and mounting method.

We scaled their new logo for the same dimensions and proposed 1/2 ” thick painted PVC mounted on the wall with spacers. Spacers give the sign the raised letters look. Some customers like that effect while others hate it.

In my opinion, spacers work with most signs. Although, I would avoid them for signs with thin strokes, as the spacers in the back are visible and take away from the sign. Spacers can be used for any material – acrylic, pvc or metal. Majority of the times, 1/2″ spacers are used for 3d signs.

Here is a picture of the office lobby sign for Gridstore.

And here is a picture for Hypergrid. And you can see, painting the wall a contrast color, gives the office wall signs more pop.