Office Signs – Build Confidence With Well Designed Office Signage

Office Signs – Build Confidence With Well Designed Office Signage

Branding is something that you may have thought only applies to other people and their businesses. Everyone knows about Nike and their ‘Swoosh’ as well as Amazon with their stylized A. No one can confuse Google with anything else and this should be in your mind as you think about your business signs

Making it easy for visitors to know what your company name is and what it is involved in is vital for this branding. It is vital for building the confidence, in those guests’ minds, in the stability, ability and concern for their needs your firm represents to them.

There are many ways to establish that business signs do this for you. A brief look at some of these ideas will help you see the need for careful attention to detail, when it comes to this crucial element of communication.

  1. A banner is a temporary sign and should not take the place of permanent signs. This presents a “We just need to put something up” mentality that does nothing for your brand.
  2. Using a plain background, made from a nice material such as polished metal, with letters, or rather your Logo, mounted so they stand out and attract the attention of your visitors makes your message come alive. You have already designed your Logo so use it.
  3. Etched glass is something that always impresses. This makes your lobby signs look like they belong there and it also says you have the stability and the ingenuity to handle whatever ideas your potential clients need from you.
  4. Free standing signs or POP displays are great for displaying product information in the lobby area or near the cash counter.
  5. Integrating the indoor office signs with the signage installed outside, along with all of the other printed material, such as business cards, invoices, brochures and business papers of all kinds, will also provide a coordinated effort at branding.
  6. Who says you can not use lighting, within the office lobby signs themselves? Back lit lobby sign is a dramatic way of highlighting the Logo that says you know what you are doing and stand ready to shine as bright as that sign when performing your service for all who do business with you.
  7. Office signs can be mounted on any surface in the lobby, along the hallways and especially in the conference and product display rooms. They can be hung from the walls, mounted on the front counter, behind the reception area.
  8. Imaginative creations, based on your Logo, company name or desired message to present to your visitors can be conceptualized in many ways limited only by your imagination.

Since branding has to do with everything your firm does, who you are and what you can do, specifically, for your clients or customers, the ideas behind this must be front and center whenever a potential visitor thinks about their needs. This is the ultimate ability to make your firm stand out and office signs are one of the ways to do this.

Nike, Google and Amazon; watch out.