Ordering The Right Business Signs

Ordering The Right Business Signs

When setting up your business location, getting the right signs is as important as doing the right marketing. As they say ” A business with no sign, is a sign of no business”.

Owners get so busy with setting up everything else for the business, that most of the time the signs are left for the end and probably with no budget left. This results in compromising the kind of signs you can get for the business. One should realize that your sign, reflects an image of your business.

Here are some key points to keep in mind, when deciding about your sign –

  • Installing a banner rather than a store front sign, shows that the business is temporary and may not be at that location for a long time. And therefore, people might hesitate to do business with you.
  •  Displaying cheap quality signs may reflect that you don’t care much about the quality of the work or service completed.
  • Having no signs at all, may send a message that the business is not doing too good and hence people might hesitate to give you their business.
  • Displaying signs printed on desktop printer also reflects the quality of your business and the products and services you provide


Since the business signs are typically thought of when the business is ready to open that does not leave much budget or time. Due to budget restrictions, sometimes compromises have to be made on the kind of sign. One should keep in mind, that business signs are a long term investment in your business – specially the building signs. You want to order a sign that does it job – attract customers.
At San Jose Signs, we make the sign ordering process easy. We can walk you through the process and help you pick the right sign, materials based on your business, location and budget.