Outdoor Signs For Business | Bay Area

Outdoor Signs For Business | Bay Area

All businesses need signs to attract customers to their location. Depending upon the type of business, there are different kinds of outdoor signs that can be used for marketing. Some are portable, some temporary while others are permanent.

Permanent outdoor signs for business

Building signs: These can be with or without lights. The kind of sign will depend on the customer budget and the landlord sign criteria.

Directory: These are perfect for buildings with multiple tenants, medical offices. The directory can be installed on 2 posts with multiple panels. This is a less expensive version of monument signs.

Monument signs: are larger than directories and last many years longer than directories.


Temporary outdoor signs for business

A frame signs : These signs are popular with restaurants, day care centers, learning centers, events and fairs. There are multiple size options available.

Banners: Outdoor vinyl banner is an expensive form of advertising your business. But it is a temporary sign. The banners are durable, but they do not last for years like permanent signs. Feather banners or flag banners are also great for attracting customers, for businesses like salons, furniture stores, fitness centers and more.

Yard signs : Also known as lawn signs are perfect for construction and landscaping companies. Businesses use these signs to put on street while they are working on a project.


So there are lots of different options for advertising your business. If you are on a limited budget, you don’t have to order everything together. You can always add signs as needed.