San Jose Bay Area | ADA Signs

San Jose Bay Area | ADA Signs

Sophisticated sign design and fabrication technologies have taken ADA Signs and architectural signs to new heights. CNC routers, water-jet and laser cutters have provided new methods of creating andmanufacturing custom ADA Signs.

ADA Signs are signs that require braille, and it’s requirements are set forth by the Americans with Disabilities Act. These type of signs are mandatory in hospitals, schools, and all public and municipal buildings. Fire exit signs, floor landing signs, room ID signs, even wayfinding (directional) signs are required to meet ADA specifications and must contain raised text and braille.

The specifications for ADA Signs are very strict. The location of the text on the sign, the size of the letters, the braille size, the distance between the lines of text and even the distance between the braille and text all need to meet code.

ADA signs are typically fabricated using ‘Romark’ plastics, acrylics and even cast metal. Some customizations are allowed, and I have incorporated many custom elements to ADA Signs, in an effort to make a mundane and featureless sign into a personalized custom sign.

With all of the options available to our clients, ADA Signs no longer have to be a headache. At San Jose Signs, we will do the entire walk-through and determine what ADA Signs are required for your company or building. We’ll even meet with your local fire authority to ensure your signs are not only installed in the proper locations, but we’ll make sure you never face a fine for not being up to code. Call today!!