San Jose Signs | Custom Wall Graphics for your business

San Jose Signs | Custom Wall Graphics for your business

Would you like to make a great opening statement to your customers as soon as they walk into your store?  Like to see your restaurant’s logo enlarged on the wall behind your hostess stand?  Want to have all the brands your dealership sells displayed where customers can see them easily?  Then consider getting custom wall graphics for your business!

The custom wallpaper murals can be produced in any size and length.  You can use any images that will create an impact when customers walk in your door.  If you have a restaurant, how about your logos, or pictures of some of your signature dishes?  If you’re a car dealership or an auto mechanic, the logos of the brands that you sell or service would let your customers know you have experience with their vehicle.  Doctor’s and dentist’s offices could display their logo, or perhaps photos of their friendly, professional staff.  Pet groomers could put up some ‘before’ and ‘after’ dog grooming photos – or some pictures of fun, unusual cuts that they have done.  Bakeries could display some of their most elaborate custom cakes.  Realtors can put up photos of properties for sale, or ones recently sold.

The possibilities are endless, and only limited by what you can imagine for your business!  The wall wraps can be customized with your personal images or pictures.  They can be made in any size and length to fit the wall space that you have in mind.  We can also create graphics that are cut into custom shapes.

We use a wide variety of media for the wall coverings- vinyl, textured wall paper, removable and repositionable. The kind of media is selected based on your need. If you are looking for a long term solution- textured wall paper is the way to go. It is like having your own custom wall paper. It goes on the wall just like a regular wall paper. If you are looking to replace the images every few years then Photo Tex is the material of choice. This allows the graphics to be moved and repositioned as needed.  It has an added bonus that the murals won’t leave any residue on your walls, so you can move them and change them around as you wish to give your business a fresh look whenever you’d like.

Look through our website and give us a call to discuss your wall graphics – we’d love to help brighten up your business!