San Jose Signs – Reception sign for Crawford Communications Group

San Jose Signs – Reception sign for Crawford Communications Group

Lobby signs are an important part of your signage. They are part of creating a branding image for your company. Often businesses get so involved in other marketing mediums that they forget that it is equally important to have a sign for the reception area, waiting area or the lobby.

Lobby signs can be done in lots of different ways and with lots of different materials. The key factors are the budget and the look you would like. Some businesses choose dimensional letters mounted directly to the wall, some like them to be mounted with spacers. Some like a panel in the back of their sign, specially if they are planning to move offices. With the panel in the back, moving a sign from one office to the other makes it easy. Different material options range from acrylic, metal, plexiglass, foam, painted pvc.

Crawford Communications Group in Cupertino changed their logo. And so they were looking to replace the exisiting lobby sign with the updated logo, change the window graphics, and the monument signs.

Their exisiting lobby sign had dimensional letters mounted directly to the wall. They wanted the new logo to go on a panel. So we used 1/4″ frosted acrylic as the backer panel, painted pvc for thier dimensional letters and mounted the sign with decorative stand offs. The result was great.

We also updated their window graphics and the monument sign with the new logo. Here are some pictures of the old lobby sign and the new lobby sign with matching window and monument sign graphics.


New Lobby Sign       



 Old Lobby Sign