Sandwich Board Signs, Generate Sales!

Sandwich Board Signs, Generate Sales!

A-Frame signs (also commonly called Sandwich Board Signs) are a great way to get the edge on your competitors. A-Frame signs can be placed anywhere for better visibility, such as sidewalks, store fronts, driveways and anywhere else you have available. A-Frame signs are portable and durable.

There are many styles of outdoor sidewalk signs and many sizes. Our typical Signicade A-Frame sign has a very large message area, and our simpo-sign has a smaller area but is also much more portable. The larger the message panel, the more visual impressions you will make, although the size and style chosen depends on what the A-Frame sign will be used for, and where it will be placed.

Many of the sandwich signs we carry in stock have a removable cap at the top, which can be opened and sand or water may be added for weight, for high-wind conditions. Also, many have a handle at the top for easy transport. People also tie balloons and other decorations to their A-Frame signs for added visibility. Perfect for Car Dealerships, Real Estate offices, Directional Signs, Special Event Signs and much more.

Regardless of which style or size you choose, San Jose Signs will provide you with a gorgeous sidewalk sign that will last for years to come. Also, if you even need to change the message, we can can remove and clean up the sign and replace the panels with new design and text. Call the Bay Area Leader in A-Frame Signs, San Jose Signs!