Sidewalk sign/A-frame signs for your business

Sidewalk sign/A-frame signs for your business

One of our best selling products are A-Frame signs, and for a good reason. These signs attract as much attention as a primary building sign. They are a great buy due to the portability and easy placement of these signs.

Many companies will put their A-Frame signs on the center island of a road, at the corner of an intersection, or even at the end of a driveway, directing potential customers of their location, services or products. A-Frames are excellent for promoting events, or even directing patrons to available parking.

A-Frame signs (also known as sidewalk signs) can increase your sales by a large margin if your business or store front is not visible to traffic (office centers and business complex). These signs are a fantastic way to increase foot traffic, phone calls and even website hits.

A-Frame signs come in many sizes and styles, but we highly recommend the Signicade A-Frame (see photo). This type of sidewalk sign  is very durable and withstand high winds due it’s weight, yet it’s very portable. It has a handle on top, and it can be weighed down by filling it with water or sand. It is made from impact resistant ABS, and has a print area of 3′ x 2′.
Our A-Frames are competitively priced, and includes two sides with full color graphics. Order your A-Frame today!Feel free to visit our A-frame page to look at some more examples.