Sign Company Bay Area | Add sign letters to monument sign


Sign Company Bay Area | Add sign letters to monument sign

Monument signs are the brick, stone or stucco structures that are mounted on the property close to the sidewalk. They are work great in providing visibility to a business or a home owners assocation. The monument signs last for years.

In the case of shopping plazas with multiple tenants or commercial complexes, the stone signs stay, but the text or the signage needs to be changes as businesses move out.

There are 2 types of changes needed for a monument sign

  • Monument sign with multiple tenants need a change of name only on the panel assigned to the tenant
  • Monument sign is for one business only and may need removal of existing sign letters, patch and paint and installation of a new set of logo and letters.
In the first scenario, the changes are easier. If the sign is internally illuminated, the panel may just need a new set of decals. In some cases if the panels have been out there too long, they turn yellow and ugly. Then it is advisable to change the panel as well, for better visibility. if the panel is in good condition, we can just add the new set of decals. Same is the case with non-illuminated signs with multiple tenant panels. If the panels had dimensional letters than vinyl decals, then changing the panel is recommended. The dimensional letters leave adhesive residue or holes from screws and the damages to the panel will be visible behind the new set of letters.
In the second scenario, the monument signage typically have dimensional letters. The holes from the old set have to be patched and painted and glue has to be scraped off. Sometimes, the sign may also need a fresh coat of paint. Your sign company can help you with this process or you can have your maintenance team take care of this part and the sign company can install the new set.
I hope this article will help you understand the process for change of letters on existing monument signs. The monument sign may be the first sign your customer may see, when they get to their location. So make sure all steps are taken to do this right. Remember, the first impression is very important for any business.
At San Jose Signs, we can help you with your new signs for the existing exterior monument signs. We always provide a proof of how your sign will look on the monument sign, before we start production.