Sign Company San Jose | Custom vinyl window decals

Sign Company San Jose | Custom vinyl window decals

At San Jose Signs, we manufacture and install die-cut vinyl window decals. Window decals are a great way to increase your visibility to the community. Retail stores, restaurants, automotive repair shops and manufacturing companies can all benefit from single color or full color die-cut vinyl window graphics.

Window graphics target their audience on a more personal level. Advertising specials, listing products or services and showcasing your company with a visual presentation on your windows can be a better sales tool than advertising in a magazine or online ad. Having direct impact on potential clients in your area will generate sales and new business leads.

Retail locations will benefit the most from window graphics, as you are marketing directly to the local community. Having your products listed or showcased on your windows will generate interest in your community.

The process of ordering your vinyl window signage is very simple. Provide measurements of the window(s) Height x Width, then take a quick photo of your window/glass. Email that information to us, including your logo or photos of products (if needed) and the text you want on the glass, and we will size it up, send a quick proof, and when we have approval on price and layout we begin fabrication.

There are many types of window decals and materials. There is an exciting new product that can cover the entire window, but allow you to see out, and also giving you privacy from peering eyes, as you cannot see inside – this material is called “Perforated Window Vinyl”, and we print full color images and text on the material. Once installed, you can see out as if nothing is even on your window! (Visit our showroom to see this in action!)

We can also cut simple single color vinyl stickers, which we call Ready to Apply Vinyl Letters. We die-cut these from solid colored vinyl films and apply them to your exterior glass. If your windows are not tinted, we can apply the decals from the inside of the glass, protecting them from vandalism, although it’s actually quite rare for people to try and remove the decals when installed on the exterior.

Vinyl window signs can also be full color and die cut. Our state of the art printer can also die-cut, giving you even more options for an amazing window display.

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