Sign letters bay area

Sign letters bay area

Signs play an important role in advertising your business. They market  your business 24/7, even if you are closed. A lot of times business owners feel that they do not have enough funds for the signs. But they do not realize that “A business with no sign, is a sign of no business”.

Signs may seem like a big investment but they have huge ROI. Think about the number of customers and business you will get if you have exteiror building signs. Dimensional letters are an excellent choice for both interior and exterior signage. There are a wide variety of material  options available.

At San Jose Signs we can help you choose the best material based on the application. You have different thickness and mounting options as well. For exterior signs it is best to mount the letters with studs. It makes them more durable and prone to weather. They can internally light up with LEDs or externally illuminated. We can also incorporate full color logos.

Interior signs can be stud mounted or with double sided tape. Lobby signs can also be fabricated with acrylic panels. This makes it easier to move the sign if you move to a different location. The possibilities are endless. We can suggest the best option based on the space available and your logo.

Here are some samples of building signs and lobby signs: