Tenant Name Addition To Monument Sign | Bay Area

Tenant Name Addition To Monument Sign | Bay Area

When a new tenant moves in a building, there name has to be added to the exisitng monument signs on the property. Sometimes the landlord takes care of this, in order to keep everything looking consistent. But for some properties the tenants are responsible for adding their company name.

Vinyl decals

Vinyl decals can be either in full color or 1 color depending on the property. If you as a tenant are responsible for the sign, it is good idea to check with the landlord if they have any specs for the signs- fonts used, vinyl colors etc.

Here ares some samples of monument signs, where the tenant names are vinyl stickers:

Great Oaks Sign -The tenant names are required to be in black vinyl to keep the sign looking consistent.

Black vinyl decals on existing panels on monument sign

Los Altos sign – Digitally printed ful color logos on panel


3d letters or Raised letters

Some signs have raised letters. These cost more than the vinyl stickers. And in this case the tenants are responsible for the cost of the signs, because of the high cost. Depending upon the property, the letters can be one specific color or full color logos and text may be allowed.

Saratoga sign- Tenant panel with push thru letters for internally illuminated sign

Oak Grove Menlo Park- PVC letters painted custom color

Saratoga sign- Custom painted PVC letters and logo installed on aluminum panel

So there are different ways the tenant names can be added on monument signs.

At San Jose Signs, we work with property managers to update the signage when tenants move in or out. We make it easy for you by saving all the specs for the signage and all you have to do is send us the name of the tenant. And we take care of the rest.