Tips for quality trade show displays!

Tips for quality trade show displays!

The quality of your trade show displays will make or break your show experiences. Exhibitors new to trade shows tend to focus on the flashy; they want to create displays that will draw crowds. However, It’s not the number of people your displays draw that matters; it’s whether or not your trade show exhibit engages them when they’re there. Use the tips below to create event displays that will engage people and get them interested in your products and services.

1) Clean and visible displays

Use a display board to hang some of your products at customer eye-level to draw them into your display. Make sure your display is organized and tidy; customers will be turned off by messiness or by having to do too much searching to find what they want. Have all your prices clearly marked.

2) Build the impression of demand into your trade show displays

Customers will want your products more if they think they’re in high demand. Place a strategic ‘sold’ sign on one or two items. You might even leave a display spot empty, giving the impression that you’ve been too busy to

3) Draw a crowd to your trade show display

Use electronic displays, such as video streaming to a properly positioned flat panel television, or a computer with games, contest draws, scheduled demonstrations; it doesn’t need to be fancy to draw people’s interest and get them to cluster around your trade show display. Also, have plenty of free promotional items to hand out.

4) Designs – by a professional designer

At San Jose Signs, we pride ourselves on having real designers. Our senior designer has over 23 years of experience. Your trade show sign designs make or break your trade show experience. Your logo must have a modern edge, and should not be just text with a low resolution cartoon image. This is YOUR image – if you don’t have a modern logo, it’s time to take that step.

If you have any questions regarding displays, design, options, logos or signs, please call us today!