Trade show banners Bay Area

Trade show banners Bay Area

Trade shows provide an opportunity to display your company’s products and services to a wide audience. There are industry specific trade shows organized around the world. So if your company is exhibiting at a trade show, the people attending, will be the right audience looking for your products and services.

It takes a lot of planning and organization if you want to get full benefits of attending the trade show. The display has to planned well and you should be well stocked with the collateral and the brochures.

There are a wide range of booths, exhibits and banner stands available for trade show signs. Feel free to browse through our catalog of trade show booths and exhibits. You can get custom table throws, table runners, pull up banners, vertical banners and much more. Pull up banners are the most common type of trade show banners used.


For an impressive trade show display, the contents should be well planned. We recommend using high quality logo as the display reflects on the company’s image. Lot of times, companies wait for the last minute to see if they have budget for the display. That results in comprising on the design and the layout of the banners. Since they are rushing to get it done, they do not have time to go over what the banners should say. When ordering the banners for the trade show the proofing of the display takes more time than the actual production of the product. So make sure the displays are planned in advance.

At San Jose Signs, we can help you with the design and the production of the trade show exhibits. We can also ship it directly to your trade show location.