Vehicle Graphics: Frequently Asked Questions

Vehicle Graphics: Frequently Asked Questions

“How much will it cost” is usually the first question asked by our clients, however, there are many questions that we must ask before we can provide a quote for vehicle graphics. Measurements, vehicle make, model and year and the color of the vehicle.

Many people don’t yet understand the differences between a vehicle wrap and vehicle graphics. Many times we assume that when a client asks for a vehicle wrap, they often are asking for vehicle graphics, with a company name, logo and phone number on the doors of their vehicle. Wraps and graphics are different products, but generally similar in that they are both used to identify your company.

Some of the questions that we are asked are:

  • Are the graphics permanent?
  • Can we use them on another vehicle?
  • Are they easily removable?
  • Can we put the letters on the inside of the windows?
  • How long will the graphics last?
  • Will they fade?

Any vehicle graphic or wrap can be removed, but cannot be re-used or re-applied to another vehicle. Once they are removed, they are destroyed. The vinyl will stretch and rip, and it can be quite a chore to remove. It won’t damage the paint, but the adhesive is very strong and it takes some effort to remove.

Putting lettering on the inside of the glass is not recommended, as the windows on any vehicle will have tint, and can limit visibility. Also, using dark colors on glass is not advisable, so always go with light colors when having lettering applied to your vehicle glass.

Typically, the graphics will last 5-10 years, depending on the quality of the vinyl and the area where you live and work. In Northern California, we have mild weather compared to other areas of the country, so vehicle graphics tend to last a little longer here. However, very hot summer days can cause fading, but modern equipment and new solvents and inks prevent fading due to U.V. protected properties in the inks. We also laminate the vinyl to prevent shrinkage and fading.

If you have any question regarding vehicle graphics or your own project, please call us. Our helpful staff can assist you with your vehicle graphics or wraps.

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