Vinyl Window Decals For Kroman Watchworks In San Jose

Vinyl Window Decals For Kroman Watchworks In San Jose

Kroman Watchworks is a certified repair shop in San Jose. They service luxury watches and provide complete overhaul and adjustment, antique restoration and preservation, battery replacement etc. They are located in the beautiful Almaden valley of south san jose. They have a street front location but still it was difficult to find their store. Vinyl window decals were the perfect solution for them, since they had large glass windows facing the street.

They wanted the vinyl window signs to look classy and not like a pawn shop, based on the clientele they service. The owner provided a list of services and the graphics for the vinyl window stickers. After a few revisions for the proofs, the owner liked what we had put together.

The vinyl window decals were printed and die cut on our Roland printer. Then weeded and masked for application. Here are some pictures for the window decals for Kroman Watchworks.

As you can see we used a combination of pictures and text for the window decals. The text was done in white because it is the easiest to read on glass windows and doors. The watch photos reflected the kind of services they provide and the brands they service.

So if you are interested in some vinyl window decals, call the experts at San Jose Signs.