Wall Murals and Wall Wraps for Offices Bay Area

Wall Murals and Wall Wraps for Offices Bay Area

Wall murals have been around for a long time. Earlier the murals were painted by artists and required hours and days before the wall mural was completed. But not anymore. In today’s digital age, the wall graphics can be printed and applied like wall paper. With new innovations in the digital media, the quality and the ease of application is just getting better and better. The vinyl wall murals have adhesive backs and do not need wallpaper glue for application.

There are no limitations to the digitally printed wall murals. They can be done indoors and outdoors. Smooth walls are best for application, but there are materials avialable for brick and textured walls as well. Some perfect locations for wall murals are parking garages, medical office waiting areas, restaurants, corporate office walls, car dealerships, airports, shopping malls.

The 2 most popular materials we use are :

Phototex– This material feels like fabric and comes with a adhesive back. The material is very forgiving when it comes to installation and removal is a breeze. It can be removed and re-positioned any number of times without any damage to the adhesive back. This material also sticks well to any surface (yes, even if the wall has a texture).

Avery wallpaper– This is another good media for wall papers. Does not require any lamination and the print quality is fabulous. It is not repositionable like Phototex, so requires professional installation. If removal instructions are followed, this can be removed without anh damage to the paint.

So don’t wait any more. Get your wall wraps today. All you need is high resolution images and we take care of the rest.