What are my options for office reception signs?

What are my options for office reception signs?

The office reception signs are more commonly known as Lobby signs. They are an important part of a company’s brand identity. The signs are installed near the entryway-behind the reception desk, in the  waiting area, lobby of a corporate.

There are a wide variety of material and display options available. The key factors that determine what material is selected are budget and the logo. Some logos look better as 3D letters while others would look great when mounted on a panel. At San Jose Signs we make the decision process easy for you. We pick the best materials based on your budget. We can help you from design to installation.


  • Painted PVC
  • Acrylic or Plexiglass
  • Foam
  • Metal laminate on foam, acrylic or pvc

All of these options are availabe in varying thicknesses. Our most popular option is the metal laminate on pvc. The metal laminate gives the look of metallic letters without the investment in metal letters. We offer brushed aluminum and gold as well as polished aluminum and gold.

Display :

  • Dimensional letters (3D letters) mounted on the wall
  • Dimensional letters mounted on a panel. The panel mounted to the wall with decorative screws
  • Panel with vinyl text and mounted on the wall with decorative screws.

Call the experts at San Jose Signs at 408-294-7446 to design your lobby sign. We can also visit your site to do a survey. In order to get the process started all you need is a digital version of your logo, the dimensions for the wall. Feel free to visit our showroom to discuss the various options.